Baby, it's cold outside!

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As the weather gets colder, some of my favorite memes to set the mood ;)
Then scroll down for a fun "things to do indoors with the kids when they are driving you bananas and you cannot take it anymore" list <3
-sprinkle flour on the kitchen table and give the kids cheap paintbrushes to make designs
-bubble and pop corn parties! Make lots of popcorn for eating and throwing in each other's mouth, and blow bubbles at the same time. It is the closest you will get to a "rockin' club scene" for a long time.
-run a hot bath and open the window to let the outside cold air in. Pretend you are at an outdoor spa in a ski resort, and the kids will stay in the bath longer since the air is chilly.
- indoor obstacle courses involving pillows and couch cushions. It combines parkour training with "the floor is lava" and is super fun while expending their energy.
- a movie on the couch is totally acceptable ;) It shows kids that adults need a break too, and with some snacks and a comfy blanket (I don't know, like a Bee Luxe one?) will be the moments you miss the most when they are older <3

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