Snuggle up, baby!

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Hello, bumblito fans!

A good deal of our country is in a very, very cold place right now. No, not because the in-laws overstayed their holiday welcome, but because of an arctic snap settling over the east coast, plus freezing air in the north, midwest, spreading towards the west coast. It is just plain cold!

For those of you reading this in a warm climate, please send some of it across the webz, kthanks......
Sunny or chilly, most families will say, over the course of several years, a lot of amazing memories happened in quiet moments with their little ones. Of course the "big" moments mattered too, the vacations, the announcements of new siblings, births, a move to a new house. However, one of thing things parents will chat about missing most when their littles are grown, is snuggling up on the couch for a story, a movie, a chat about a long day. Winter or summer, it is a nice touch to have something cozy to curl up with. 
When bumblito set out to make their Bee Luxe and Baby Bee Luxe blankets, the idea of wanting to frame sweet memories was present from day one. As a mom, Christy knew how the extra touch of a soft blanket went the extra mile, especially if your little one is sick, or sad, or needs an extra hug on a tough day.
Soft minky is one side, the flip side is a gorgeous printed Satin. So many little ones love their "silky" blankets, so they can choose if they want the smooth side or the soft side. Both together are a lovely weight without being too heavy.
A blankie challenge <3
Take a moment this weekend, grab someone you love close to you, and snuggle up for a few minutes. One of my favorite things to do, if you only have a minute or two to spare, take some snapchats with your toddler or preschooler. The new filters are always so funny, and it is great to look back at what they found funny in the past!
Chat about what they loved about the day, or didn't like. If your children are older, talk about their day, if someone made them happy or sad, and why. If the kids are asleep, and your partner isn't, take 90 seconds to tell them something they do that makes you happy <3

Happy snuggling, everyone!
~thank you, Mary H, for sharing this picture with us~

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