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Comedian Jim Gaffigan had a fantastic analogy when he discovered his wife was pregnant with another baby:
“You know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.”

:::Jim Gaffingan looking slightly bewildered:::

Just put that on the back burner for a moment, we will come back to this and make sense of it ;)
In 2010, when Christy and Geoff Malone started their company, Smart Bottoms, they had a vision, goals, drive, and two daughters under three. In an interview, Christy later recounted how quickly they realized how hard starting a business from scratch actually was. Long days, exhausting nights awake spent planning and parenting two babies, working under stressful conditions in unfamiliar waters, with your spouse. 

- A wise person once said they had trouble operating a power washer with their life partner, how on earth do you start and run a business with them? -

But through it all, one underlying theme remained: Passion.
The journey of Smart Bottoms was born because their youngest, who had horrific allergic reactions in her diapers, needed options to keep her skin healthy. Christy knew that if they were in this boat, others had to be too, and she sought to make a product that was as fun as it was functional, and a business was born. One order turned into ten, one retailer turned into a hundred, the Malones moved from their basement to an office space, and 1, 2, 3, 4 employees started on the team as well. 
Smart Bottoms grew, and grew, and grew. More families discovered the magic that was the product, but also that same magic that was the people *behind* the product. The dedication, the drive, the detail to artwork. Demand was high, products needed to be increased, factories expanded, staff hired.....
:::The Malones, calm, cool and collected:::

So here is where our friend Jim Gaffigan comes into the picture.
A husband and wife team, two growing daughters, a business growing in size and popularity, and Christy decided to....open a new company? Because who doesn't love two full time jobs?
When I first heard the idea, I couldn't spit the word "why" out quickly enough. WHY? It came out in a short, gaspy spurt. Then, repeated in a long whine trailing off into a whisper. A third time, in a short bark with some confusion in my tone. Christy, calm as ever, had the perfect answer:
"Because our families we love may not need our diapers anymore."
:::cue the waterworks:::

Simplicity as its finest. The love and passion that brought her company to the shelves of retailers worldwide, and the homes of thousands of customers was still there, but as Christy noticed her own children growing, realized that others be seeing the same phenomenon. Children grow, families change, and babies don't stay babies forever.
:::yep, they grow:::

Bumblito was created because while there are moments for little ones, she wanted the same passion for her products to be there for *ALL* of life's moments. And with her introductory line focused on your precious cargo, a nod to the future is given from blankets for those big and small, that items for all members of the family are just around the corner.
Beautiful artwork, functional products, small town business, local retailers, reaching from our homes to yours while we navigate this journey together.
The more I thought about it, the "why" turned into "why not", and made perfect sense why a new company was needed! Everyone at bumblito cannot contain their excitement to see this new company see daylight. Months of plannings, nights of hard work, set backs and hurdles overcome to finally see our products in the hands of those who have supported us for many years already. 
In an era that favors big stores with profit-oriented focus, we want to thank you for being here, on this page, to read our story. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your homes, for telling us what you want to see, for telling your friends and family about our company.
We cannot express our gratitude enough, and are excited to walk this road with you~

:::whole lotta love coming through this screen:::

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  • Excited to see all of the Bumblito products in the future. Our son’s name is Rory and we’ve called him our baby bee from the very beginning…as just a little flicker of hope on a blurry screen. Can’t wait to get a copy of your new book!

    Ashley Botsford on
  • Wow. It was interesting to read how Smart Bottoms started and now how Bumblito came to be. I’m interested in trying some of the products, they look so cute!

    Kimberly on

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