Baby Bee Luxe Blanket - Party of Eight

Product image 1bumblito - luxury blanket - Party of 8 - Llama print blanket - classy blanket - Adult blanket - Children blanket - softest blanket
Product image 2bumblito - luxury blanket - Party of 8 - llama print blanket - Adult blanket - Children blanket - softest blanket

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Snuggling with our children provides a lifelong bond, evokes feelings of love and security, and creates lasting memories. Bumblito's luxuriously soft Baby Bee Luxe blankets will become a part of your family's most memorable moments in life. Whether you are curled up together watching your favorite show or reading a bedtime story to your babies, our blankets will provide comfort and warmth. 

Our Luxe blankets have a plush minky side and a smooth satin back and binding. Keep the satin back against your skin on warmer nights to stay comfortable while sleeping, and keep the plush minky side against your skin on cold winter nights to stay warm. These blankets come in two sizes; the Baby Bee Luxe which is 30”x40” and the Bee Luxe which is 40”x60”. Our luxury blankets are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash delicate, lay flat to dry
Blankets may be machine dried on low to medium heat, however we recommend they be placed in a lingerie bag, or dried with like fabrics to prevent satin snags or pulls. 
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