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Beyond our doors, expanding our community

Opening our doors and products to others has been a core value of Christy and Geoff Malone since day one of opening their retail and manufacturing business. In 2010, with the launch of their flagship company, Smart Bottoms INC, donations of both products and money has been at the forefront of their company mission. bumblito has served to increase those efforts, as both companies continue to grow.

Domestic manufacturing for many of the products sold at bumblito has created multiple jobs in areas where the textile industry was suffering. Arkansas, Tennessee, and Michigan all play a role in delivering our items to your door.  Products made outside of the US are carefully observed and monitored to ensure fair labor and transparency that exceed industry standards. 
If any of our fans of consumers have questions regarding how and where our products are made, we would love to offer our inbox at for a dialogue.

Our office in Ada, Michigan, is frequented by a local organization that promotes continuing education and job training for adults with disabilities. Their job tasks include product packaging and organization, in an environment that promotes independent living skills.

Both bumblito and Smart Bottoms are able to contribute to the efforts of two orphanages in Haiti that use our cloth diapers and the laundering facilities provided by the companies. By offering both, many children are able to have clean and effective diapering solutions. 
Very recently, a third orphanage in Zambia was added our outreach efforts.

Charities and Community Outreach Programs we support and recommend:
For our fans looking for resources to donate either material or financial goods, we would love to suggest:
Thank you for your continued support for our efforts, 
Geoff and Christina Malone
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