2018 Summer Collection Series

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Stretch swaddle set from bumblito
Our beautiful new summer collection is complete with stretch swaddle sets, baby headbands and adult headbands. What is your must have for this summer?

Reef blue and green stretch swaddle with matching headband Every day is like a day at the beach with the perfect blend of blues and greens in Reef. 




Horizon orange and yellow stretch swaddle set with matching headband The beauty of the sun sinking low in the sky   inspired this orange and yellow print.

Highlands puple stretch swaddle set
 The power of purple comes to life in the   vibrancy of Highlands.
Our Summer Collection will be available from your favorite bumblito retailer, or directly from bumblito.com beginning July 11th. The Summer Collection is also a collaboration with our parent company, Smart Bottoms. Smart Bottoms is releasing three additional prints that coordinate with bumblito's prints! Be sure to check out what's available from Smart Bottoms at smartbottoms.com beginning July 11th. 

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