Bring bumblito along for the big day

When a little baby bee is welcomed into the bumblito community, we love to know the "why" behind the gorgeous pictures featured in our products on this most special of days in a family's life! Thank you to Kahla Manriquez and baby Lena for sharing their story.

"For the hospital, I packed the Bumblito Petite Bouquet and Aqua Floral swaddle sets, a few different bow headbands and the Bee Covered in Aqua Floral. Admittedly, I have a thing for the floral prints, but I chose to try Bumblito for a number of reasons. I was familiar with the Smart Bottoms brand from when my son was smaller and knew the products were great quality, so when they introduced Bumblito, I knew those products would be too. I bought a swaddle set and instantly was in love. It’s soft and breathable, yet surprisingly warm, and the stretchy material made swaddling so much easier for me since I am pretty terrible at it. While I struggle with other blankets, this swaddle isn’t as stiff and I can easily and quickly pull it around the baby to get a tight fit.
It was the only blanket I was able to use in the hospital that my newborn couldn’t easily break out of. If not being used as a swaddle, it makes an awesome lap blanket for the baby in the carseat. The bows I brought because I needed everything ‘girly’ after living a life of construction trucks and race cars. But they are also the same soft, stretchy material and so perfect for a newborns head.
The Bee Covered, again that same soft, stretchy material, I brought primarily for a car seat cover for when we got to leave the hospital. It worked perfectly to protect the car seat for that windy and cold day. Since then, it’s been very useful on the car seat to keep others from touching the baby and I’ve also used it as a nursing cover many places. It’s stretchiness covers both me and the baby easily, so she gets fed and I get to keep moving on with my day. Definitely would recommend any of these products to any new mom at the hospital and after."
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