Self the wintertime? What kind of nonsense is that?

Hi everyone! Yes, pick yourself up off the floor after you are done laughing....

"Self care" does seem to be a buzz phrase lately. The concept of taking some time for yourself, the idea of putting on your air mask before helping others with theirs, not being able to pour from an empty cup means you have to fill yours....

All of which is 100% true! But how the heck are you supposed to make that happen, especially in the dead of winter?!
(Hawaii fans, I hear you, just ignore the winter part. May it never be cooler than a balmy 84 where you are....)

A few ideas for this crazy notion:

1) a bath all to yourself. 
2) a tiny pint of Ben and Jerry's, snuggling with your favorite blanket. This may have to happen on the floor of your closet, but take what you can get.
3) a little bag stuffed with chocolate mini bars.. Keep stashed under your pillow for late night marathon feeding sessions, or when the parenting-insomnia strikes and you lay awake for hours trying to solve all of the problems in the world.

4) 30 minutes of television that isn't animated. This may have to occur at 2 am.
5) NEW SOCKS! Who doesn't love a new pair of socks? Treat yourself on the next Target run, you won't regret it!

You truly do deserve some "me" time, the trick during the winter is making it indoors and quick, since it gets dark early you will be tired by 6 pm and your kids will having the witching hour 4 hours ahead of schedule. Make that a goal this week, one thing you can call your own <3
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